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What’s the benefit of a bespoke management training programme?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of bespoke really says it all:

“written or adapted for a specific user or purpose”

Our ‘Ready to Run’ leadership programmes are always popular, however having a tailored or bespoke management training programme has a number of key advantages:

  • The training can both reflect and challenge the current culture of the organisation 
  • Delegates ‘get it’ as the models, theories, tools and techniques can be made relevant and more easily translated to their everyday working environment
  • Rather than speaking in high level or general terms the training can address the specific challenges of the group
  • Getting the delegates involved in the planning process allows them to ‘buy in’ early on and the shared learning experience can be effectively built upon during the course and into the future

Bespoke Management Training - Four Steps ProcessAt Four Steps Training we have therefore created our ‘Step by Step’ approach to designing customised management training solutions.

The premise is simple: we involve our customers at every step of the way, from the initial training needs analysis through the design and delivery stages and in the long-term evaluation of the programme’s success.

Our approach works as it allows customers to have complete input to the final training solution and has ensured we deliver tangible benefits to the delegates themselves and their businesses.

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