LATEST: Four Steps Training also offers training sessions via the Zoom online platform.

With many staff having to work remotely, online programmes can be amazingly cost effective, whilst creating virtual team building opportunities for everyone involved; a great way to break the monotony, and challenges of working on your own. Read more about the experience at: Who’s Zoomin’ who?

We have many popular customer service training programmes that are ‘ready to go’ which means they are already written, tried and tested by other organisations and will allow us to organise quickly for you.

Customer Service Training Programmes

Customer Service Training
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Tailored customer service training, specific to your particular needs, can often deliver a better return on training investment. Read about our step by step approach.

Customer Service Training Case Studies

Customer Service Training Portsmouth London
Last year we ran our Exceptional Customer Service programme for the Sollis Partnership who deliver commissioning and healthcare intelligence to the NHS.

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