What's the best use of my time right now?

Well helloooo cyberspace!

Fergus back again to tell you lot all you need to learn from us canines.

So, the latest quotation I have for you is:

‘An effective leader inspires people to follow’

Well in my world it really depends on who’s really in charge, my boss thinks it’s him; I’m convinced it’s me!

Not sure what the weather’s like in your part of the world but here it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass Westie – actually that’s a bit of a sore subject and a whole other story.

Anyhow it’s a Sunday morning and he thinks a brisk walk at the beach would blow away the cobwebs, what a goon I ask you?

So here’s what I did…

I followed in an ’inspired’ fashion for about 30 yards, stumbled and then held up my paw with a sorrowful look on my face. When I’m at my best the toughest heart will melt…

You can guess what happens next – Bang, within 15 minutes I’m sat in my local in front of a log fire being fawned by everyman and his dog – result!

So it’s great to do your best as a leader but some people can always take advantage of you good nature. Be nice but have wits about you and look for the fakers.

Oh and any lady team members out there, we all know the trick of not wearing any slap the day before you phone in sick!

It may get you off, but any manager worth their salt will see straight through it.

That’s it for now catch my next blog to find out why the Westie crossed the road.
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