What's the best use of my time right now?

Well helloooo cyberspace!

As promised in my last posting I’m going to lead with a joke:

Why did the Westie cross the road?

Well while the governor was busy talking to another owner while me and his pretty poodle were off across the road.

Here’s another related quote for you:

Avoid being distracted – be clear who does and who doesn’t need access to you immediately’

Now me and my new bestie had seen a short kid with sweets and before you could say woof, the sweets were gone and we were in our element… Yum!

So this week’s lesson, keep an eye on those around you and give attention to those who genuinely need your help.

Dog-kid, kid-dog?

He’s consoling the kid while I’m choking on a sweet… focus your attention in the wrong place and disaster can soon follow.

Turns out aniseed twists are not my friend and it just reinforced how we all have things to learn!


Seeya soon Fergus Fans.

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