What's the best use of my time right now?

Well helloooo cyberspace!

Guess what? It turns out my owner runs a training company and he thinks he’s a bit a ‘know it all’ when it comes to human behaviour.

If he’s that good then why’s he asked me to start working for him and get me to comment on how I see you lot? Eh eh?

So I was looking through some of his work stuff and came across a book with all these motivational quotes – well I ask you, there’s material in here that I could work with for years. Just listen to this one:

‘Creativity starts with a blank piece of paper’

I’ll tell you what starts with a blank sheet of paper and that’s a 5 minute shredding session – get in there!

What’s really creative is when it’s one of his proposals and he’s got to tape it back together because the computers just fallen over and it’s his only copy!

Arh well he’ll learn!

Pop back soon and I’ll share some other words of wisdom.

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