‘The Appointment’ training programme has been specifically designed for people who need to deliver sales presentations. This programme focuses on the skills required to prepare and deliver effective sales presentations.

Duration: 1 day 

Course outline:

  • Explore the reasons and benefits of having face to face meetings
  • Learn how to pitch for the pitch
  • Appreciate the impact of negative ‘self-talk’ and how to overcome personal blocks
  • Preparation techniques for dealing with objections
  • Understand key face to face communication and influencing skills
  • Review how to plan ‘The Pitch’
  • Consider meeting the needs of the audience
  • Learn how to personalise sales presentations
  • Understand how to manage stage fright and nerves
  • Reflect on how to dealing with audience questions
  • Skills practice & feedback
  • Spend time role-playing situations and applying new skills
  • Complete a personal development plan to help transfer learning from the programme

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