This programme is designed for anyone new to training and wishing a gain the essential knowledge and skills required to deliver standard training sessions.

The day outlines the core topics new trainers need to be aware of to ensure their delivery is well received and effective in transferring key messages to their delegates.

By allowing delegates to ‘learn by doing’ during the day, they are able to experience how it ‘feels’ to be a trainer, plus see first-hand how others are able to deliver sessions and deal with different ‘types’ of delegates.

Duration: 1 day

Course outline

  • Understand the role of a trainer and the purpose of the role in a training capacity 
  • Understand the problems & pitfalls of training
  • Learn how to communicate key messages assertively
  • Discover how to encourage participation through the use of effective questioning
  • Develop an understanding of the fundamental presentation skills for trainers 
  • Learn how to ensure delegate understanding through clear input
  • Use non-verbal communication to greater effect
  • Manage group dynamics and be able to deal with ‘Challengers’
  • Learn how to use nerves as a positive energy

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