Appraisals can sometimes become a one way conversation or a form filling exercise without making the most of the process which is created for managers and employees to use.

This programme looks at the structure of the full process including pre, during and post appraisal preparations as well as training on how to provide feedback in a formative and motivating way.

The material is very practical in its approach and provides simple models managers can use both formally and informally when dealing with team members.

Delegates have the opportunity to practice using the models and tailoring them for their own use.

Duration: 1 day

Course outline

  • Gaining a clear and practical understanding of the ‘Appraisal Process’ and an appreciation of the managers responsibility at each stage
  • Explore the qualities that make an effective appraiser
  • Reflect on past appraisal nightmares and considered what best practice looks like
  • Discuss positive ways to deal with difficult appraisee’s
  • Learn how to set SMART objectives for their teams, which they can implement, monitor and evaluate
  • Learn and practice how to provide quality feedback
  • Recognise the need to work with others in meeting their motivational expectations
  • Developing a list of high quality questions to use throughout the process
  • Complete a personal development plan to help transfer learning from the programme 

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