Presentation Skills Training London Woking

This programme enables delegates to improve how they look, how they sound and how they organise what they say and become confident, professional presenters. The experiential learning approach of this programme is designed to encourage participants to step out of their comfort zone by encouraging them to take every opportunity to put their learning into practice. Feedback is critical to the success of this workshop style programme and participants will receive comprehensive feedback from each other as well as the trainer allowing them to maximise their energy, confidence and credibility during a presentation.

Duration: 1 day 

Course outline:

  • Initial presentation to the group, receiving feedback and coaching from the trainer on the key practical aspects of delivery
  • Learn skills to create powerful presentations through use of effective structuring
  • Consider how to ensure the audiences needs are met
  • Appreciate the power of creating an influential introduction and conclusion
  • Understand key face to face communication and influencing skills
  • Learn how to make best use of visual aids and staging
  • Apply learning through creation of a presentation with the input from trainer and colleagues
  • Opportunity to present to the group and receive feedback and coaching from the trainer
  • Learn how to control nerves, be confident & persuasive
  • Create an Action Plan of things to differently

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