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Change these days seems to be a part of our everyday lives both inside and outside of work and to be able to understand how we can both deal with and help others through these times is a key management skill. This programme has been written to guide delegates through both the critical skills and a framework for the successful management of people through change. Delegates develop an increased awareness of how they react and adapt to altering conditions in their own lives, and understand and be able adapt their personal approach when dealing with others.

Duration: 1 and 2 day options are available

Course outline:

  • Consider ‘What is change?’ and explored the ‘Truths’, ‘Misconceptions’ & ‘Barriers’
  • Understand the need to change – Strategically, operationally & personally
  • Explore various problem solving techniques
  • Appreciate the use of the ‘Change Curve’ to understand emotional factors & influences
  • Use effective stakeholder analysis to inform & communicate change activity
  • Understand the importance of establishing ‘Roles & Responsibilities’ within the change process
  • Accept the differences and impact of personal values
  • Use of creative problem solving tools
  • Learn how to identify key resistors and their concerns
  • Explore effect ways to communicate with influence
  • Appreciate the importance & encourage the use of feedback
  • Learn how to unleash hidden potential
  • Recognise the symptoms and how to deal with stress
  • Acquire the skills to embed and support collaborative change
  • Worked as part of a consultative change process

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